I wrote 'You' last year, and although normally I wouldn't be so upfront in my music I wanted to write something that would be relatable to all. 'You' is a crooner, about capturing the swirling adventure of romance. This song just poured out of my heart and into the music, I was lovestruck, and with the new analogue sounds and synths I had come across the previous months, the chords and melodies have an affinity of galactic shapes and jazz harmony influences from my peers and the people I collaborated with.

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'Wanderland' is the Indie-Folk duo of Natalie Wildgoose and jazz musician Matt Robinson. 


The critically acclaimed debut EP 'Songs,i' has been featured on BBCRadio 1, BBC6 music, and Record of the Week BBC Introducing.

Within the EP they have created a world filled with romance and adventure. 

Written and created in the middle of nowhere, North Yorkshire, it combines a luscious sound world of analog synths and fresh acoustic melodies with poetic lyrics and quirky visuals that transport you into the make believe.


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"Whilst writing and recording the EP we inhabited a sort of mythological sonic world. Featuring processed massed vocals, swirling synths and improvised acoustic piano, as well as field recordings of waterfalls and other instrumental sounds from the wilderness. These were all then treated with distortion, drop-outs, sonic break-ups, along with other ethereal harmonic and lyrical moments. "